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Bike Shipping Status

Last updated September 7th, 2021

Shipping status!  Wondering where your bike is or approximate lead time?  We'll keep this page up to date along with our weekly emails to keep you informed.

Production Status for previous orders

BlackBird "Summer Delivery" Batch 5 - Summer bikes are shipping to customers.  We are waiting for additional bikes to fulfill all orders.

Foxbat and Sabre March deliveries -  Arrived to the US and shipping to customers!

Avenger and Crusader Bikes for March - Arrived to the port and will be in our warehouse soon.

Lancer Bikes - On schedule!

My bike is delayed, what are my options?

We understand that the unpredictable lead times on bikes and products are not ideal! (Ok, it's driving me crazy!) Since ordering, your situation may have changed, finances may have been disrupted, life happens and we get it! If your bike is not being delivered as originally scheduled, here are your options:

1. Hold tight! Bikes are coming and we're doing everything in our power to decrease lead times and increase production. If you keep your order in place, we'll ship your bike out as soon as possible.

2. See something else from Bolton Ebikes you like? If you see another bike model that's available sooner, we can change your order accordingly.  Just contact our customer service team. We're happy to ship an "in stock" model when available.

3. We would never want to see you go, but if you cannot wait, a full refund is an option. If you request a refund, however, we cannot put you back in line if you change your mind later. Once your bike order is canceled it will immediately go to the next in line.

Thanks for your understanding.