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$ 229.00

RadPower Upgrade Kit

***Taillight/Brake light not included***

35a controller and new color LCD8H.

Plug and play for 2016-2018 Radrover bikes. Please note that the controller has a tail light plug that will not be used. 

Plug and play for 2019-2021 Radrover models. (Up to Radrover 5) (Not compatible with Rover 6)

RadMini - Although also typically plug and play for 2018 and prior, this controller is substantially larger than stock and will not fit inside the frame or stock mounting locations.  May have a different battery plug.  Please check your bike and photos before ordering.

RadCity or RadWagon - Untested, but customers have reported it works well.  Setting adjustments may be required. Controller may not fit correctly. Additional mounting hardware may be required.

RadRover 6 Plus - Does not work

RadRunner - Tested and working!

RadRunner Two - Untested

RadRunner Plus - Tested and Working!

Works with all European/Canadian models except RadRover 6

Compatible with both 48v and 52 batteries.  (NOT recommended for 60v)

Dimensions: 7.5" x 3.25" x 1.75" 

PDF Manual available here.

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