Dyno Testing

In September of 2023 we started Dyno testing electric bikes, skateboards, scooters, motorcycles, and more!  That means verified results of wattage and torque for bikes we sell and bikes reviewed.  Here are some results and videos of tests done so far.

About the Dyno:

1995 Dynojet Model 150

This dynamometer (aka "dyno") was modified from it's original equipment (which was severely outdated!) to use modern Yourdyno equipment and software.  It is an inertia type, which means horsepower and torque are extrapolated based on precise calculations of acceleration on the heavy drum spun by the rear tire.  The weight of the drum and it's moment of inertia is precisely calculated.  With this we can accurately calculate horsepower (watts), Foot Lbs of Torque (or newton meters), RPM of the drum itself, and MPH.  The hardware also has weather reporting, including temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure.  The dyno can measure a small fraction of a horsepower up to a max of 500 horsepower!  We can now accurately dyno test motorcycles, electric bikes, scooters, skateboards and more.

Test Results:

Electric Bike Model  Peak Power (Watts)   Peak Torque (Ft LB)   Peak Torque (NM)   Test Parameters 
 Biktrix XD 2,438 62.99 85.40

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 Custom  Bafang M560 1,509 43.16 58.51

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 Area 13 Foxbat (BBSHD) 1,370 38.04 53

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 Area 13 Blackbird Step Through  1,287 32.97 44.7

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 Mokwheel Basalt  1,052 28.96 39.26 Click Here for More


Electric Skateboard Model  Peak Power (Watts)   Peak Torque (Ft Lb)   Peak Torque (NM)  Test Parameters
Meepo City Rider 3 1,299 36.06 48.89 Click Here for More