Upgrade Kit V2.1 - for RR6+

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UPDATE - Upgrade kits now have full throttle in pedal assist settings 1-5 and an updated graphical interface.

The Upgrade kit includes a new motor controller and new color display.  The combination allows you to finally unleash the full potential of the stock motor and battery.

35a sinewave controller and New Color display.

Plug and play for the RadRover 6+ Step over and Step Through


How much power will this add?

We have dyno tested the stock RadRover 6+ before and after installing this kit.  Peak performance at the rear wheel was 716 watts and 27.3nm of torque on the stock bike.  With the upgrade kit installed we doubled power to 1,503 watts, and increased torque over 50nm!


THIS IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER RADPOWER MODELS!  Please see our other upgrade kit for other bikes.

Has not yet been tested with the "premium" headlight from Radpower and is not recommended at this time.

Compatible with both 48v and 52 batteries.  (NOT recommended for 60v)

*The Upgrade Kit is created for specific models of Rad bikes, and that name is used for part compatibility or identification only. We are not affiliated with that company and this item is an aftermarket part.


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    Solid product, gives bike full...

    Posted by Fred Halabi on Mar 25th 2024

    I was very hesitant to install the the 35amp controller due to the restriction of full throttle based on what PAS number was selected but once that issue was fixed allowing you to have full throttle at any PAS number I pulled the trigger and purchased one. At this point I have zero regrets. It's a well made product that comes ready to plug n play directly to the factory cables. It makes a huge difference in acceleration and torque, especially when going up hills. I almost never strictly use the throttle. I almost always pedal and use PAS at some level and I can still tell a big difference. My biggest complaint is the installation/programming instructions. They need to be better and more clear with more detailed information on programming. I basically had to go to Youtube to watch an installation video of the product on another bike to get the basic idea. If you have basic DIY/mechanical skills it's pretty simple to install. The biggest issue is the programming directions. They really don't exist on the paper they send you. I had to go online to find the pass code to enter the programming mode of the display. Only then can you make necessary adjustments. I had to revert back to Youtube to watch videos on what some of the settings meant as well. All of that info should be included with the package in a detailed instruction manual, not a photo copy if very basic installation instructions with small pictures. All of that said, I've very happy with the purchase and would definitely do it again.

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    Easy Install, Great power update, Very...

    Posted by Craig Mally on Feb 27th 2024

    Installed the upgrade kit last week and went riding for a bit. Immediate power upgrade noticed along with increased information available on the DS103 display. If you want more power out of your RR6plus, this will do the trick. I have a rear rack and installed the controller there next to the downtube. Just be aware that with all that new power comes a significant drain on the battery. Range will drop significantly if you are using 4 or 5 or heavy throttle. It will pull down voltage for a moment and then will slowly rise back up again. I did a steep climb up 4 miles ( 1500ft rise), and then a total of 12 miles on 1/2 battery. I weigh 175 lbs. Hope that helps. I would buy this again in a minute.

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    The Upgrade Kit works great. I've had some issues...

    Posted by David McCosky on Jan 18th 2024

    The Upgrade Kit works great. I've had some issues on my end, but thanks to the team at Area 13 I know what needs to be fixed to get it up and running. Thank you all!

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    Posted by Aric Landers on Jan 12th 2024

    Get this for your radrover 6 , a must. Easy installation. Lot of torque,25 mph.

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    The Upgrade Kit V2.1 - for RR6+

    Posted by Chuck Weaver on Dec 12th 2023

    The Upgrade Kit V2.1 - for RR6+

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    Product did not ahow...

    Posted by Brian Harper on Dec 11th 2023

    I never recieved my upgrade kit after 2 WEEKS!

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    Posted by Bob Hankel on Nov 24th 2023

    I have not installed the part at this time. However, the service is outstanding. The exchange was flawless. thank you Bob H.

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    Waiting on...

    Posted by David Greenlee on Nov 17th 2023

    Unfortunately it did not work with my bike. Returned Monday been a week and no refund? Little upset they didn't refund my money.

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    Faulty Product/ Poor...

    Posted by Kenneth Hoffman on Nov 17th 2023

    I installed the controller upgrade kit on my RR6+. There were not installation instructions provided with the shipment and after installation it did not perform as advertised. Specifically, the throttle not only didn't work but throttle use caused the entire electrical system to shut down. I contacted Area 13. They sent me set- up instructions electronically and I changed the default settings as directed. The throttle still does not work and throttle use shuts the system down, The only way to get the system back up is to remove the battery, discharge the system, and reinstall the battery. I have been trying to get Area 13 to authorize a return for 2 weeks. I have gotten nothing but the runaround. I would like to exchange the product and try again, but what a hassle to get through this. If you want something better than 1 star replace my defective unit with one that works like it's supposed to.