Upgrade Kit V2.1 - for RR6+

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UPDATE - Upgrade kits now have full throttle in pedal assist settings 1-5 and an updated graphical interface.

The Upgrade kit includes a new motor controller and new color display.  The combination allows you to finally unleash the full potential of the stock motor and battery.

35a sinewave controller and New Color display.

Plug and play for the RadRover 6+ Step over and Step Through


How much power will this add?

We have dyno tested the stock RadRover 6+ before and after installing this kit.  Peak performance at the rear wheel was 716 watts and 27.3nm of torque on the stock bike.  With the upgrade kit installed we doubled power to 1,503 watts, and increased torque over 50nm!


THIS IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER RADPOWER MODELS!  Please see our other upgrade kit for other bikes.

Has not yet been tested with the "premium" headlight from Radpower and is not recommended at this time.

Compatible with both 48v and 52 batteries.  (NOT recommended for 60v)

*The Upgrade Kit is created for specific models of Rad bikes, and that name is used for part compatibility or identification only. We are not affiliated with that company and this item is an aftermarket part.


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    Awsome upgrade!

    Posted by John Dukic on Nov 15th 2023

    I live in an area with many hills. Upgrade allows you pedal normally and the motor gets enough power to handle any grade of hill. Torque and power are amazing.

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    Power and...

    Posted by Brad Botten on Nov 13th 2023

    Before the upgrade, my RR-6+ was a real slug and after the upgrade wow, now we’re talking power and torque. Area 13 was very quick to walk me through the settings to turn this bike into the way it was meant to be. Also, this bike now blows the doors off my Himiway cruiser. I did notice only about a 2 mph gain to high end speed but the increased torque makes up for it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their RR 6+.

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    Love this new...

    Posted by Dick Parkhill on Nov 2nd 2023

    I have a RadRover 6+ ST and it was very easy to install the Area 13 controller. There were only 3 wires to unplug from my old controller and plug in to the new one. The bike’s performance is outstanding with the Area 13 controller and I like the new display. I give Area 13 high marks for their support while installing it and for designing a great product.

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    Posted by nathan motley on Oct 25th 2023

    Upgrade can not be simpler. I had a few questions about settings and Area 13 was prompt in answering. I made a few settings changes to suit my riding. i had to change wheel size to 28" with stock tires. I also changed the Turn Gear setting to 1 so i can set throttle max depending on PAS setting. (helps me just cruise the beach). Not as many settings as KT system but is much quieter. Top speed is the same as stock but getting there is waaay better. i use PAS 4 and bump up to 5 only when passing. No brainer upgrade. Motor does get warm on long throttle cruises but nothing to be worried about.

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    Posted by Gordon Robertson on Oct 9th 2023

    speed indicator not working, shows 2.4 when 20 km. same with mph.

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    Rad Rover 6+ Step...

    Posted by David Lamadeleine on Sep 13th 2023

    Plug and play. I ordered without noticing the note indicating not compatible with the RR6+ step thru, but if you install the battery cable first since it's a little short, it works fine. Jenny from Area 13 responded to my questions promptly about some of the custom settings. Lots of power now, can't wait to try it at the hunt camp steep hills...

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    Where’s The...

    Posted by Julius Mccombs on Sep 6th 2023

    Even though setting up the kit is pretty straightforward no directions needed. However, I feel you could’ve got a little more in depth using the meter function. I experience issues changing from kilometers to miles per hour. I set the bike for miles per hour? I did not get a proper reading back I didn’t get a reading at all.

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    Posted by JEFFREY BUTZ on Sep 5th 2023

    I hooked up your kit three times and check the wire harness to see if there was power to the display and there was put the old controller back on and it works fine

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    Settings have issues or controller is...

    Posted by John Case on Sep 3rd 2023

    When I first installed it, the speedometer would only register to about 8 mph and the trip meter and max speed was off. I had the Max speed showing 99.9 mph and my trip odometer was doubled. I reached out to Area 13 and they had me try some different settings in the advanced parameters section, however that didn’t correct the problem. I finally got the trip meter to be accurate through trial and error by setting the tire diameter to 18 but the speedometer is still way off only reading about half. I would rather know how far I went over how fast. I’m still waiting for Area 13 to get me the correct settings but for some reason they don’t know what they should be and are waiting to hear from the manufacturer? I find this odd that they don’t know what the settings are supposed to be and a little concerned that not enough field testing was done before rolling this out to the public. That being said the performance has improved, and I can really feel the torque when climbing steep hills. When I rode it hard using full power and throttle the battery went down pretty fast but on my last full charge I was able to get 37 miles before completely exhausting the battery. I did some pretty steep hills however I was taking it easy and not using the full power or throttle very often so the range is still pretty good for me. I stayed in 2 most of the time (see pics) and for the steep hills would just use full to get me up to the top. One thing I noticed is that the throttle is governed by what setting you are in so no full throttle on setting number 1, only about 8 mph and then 2 will get up to about 12-14, etc. I also have an issues with not getting full pedal assist and it seems the throttle and pedal assist isn’t balanced as I can get more out of the throttle than pedaling? I’m hoping these are settings that just need to be adjusted but I don’t know anything about e-bikes or what the settings even represent so I’m waiting to hear for Area 13 on what the correct settings are supposed to be. In all I like the upgrade but a little disappointed with Area 13 for not knowing how to use the product they are selling. I’m hoping that someone will read this and look at the pics of the advanced settings and give me some guidance. Thanks!