Freego ES11 Pro High-Speed Electric Scooter Dual Motor

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Freego ES11 Pro High-Speed Electric Scooter Dual Motor


Explore new dimensions of future mobility with Freego ES11 Pro. Equipped with powerful dual 750W high-speed motors that can peak up to 1200W, this electric scooter stands out for its excellent performance and impressive battery capacity. The large-capacity battery, with a rated voltage of 48V 17.5AH (1080Wh), provides long-lasting power for your daily commute or adventure journey, ensuring that your travel mileage is longer.

ES 11 Pro
Motor Power
750W*2(nominal), 1200W*2(peak)
48V  17.5Ah
Max Speed
37MPH (60KM/H)
30-80km (18-50 Miles)
11 x 2.5 inches fat tires
Brake System Front Wheel: Hydraulic Brake
Rear Wheel: Hydraulic Brake
Charging Time 6 ~ 9 Hour
Frame Material Premium Aluminum Alloy

Dual Motor

Equipped with powerful dual 750W motors that can peak up to 1200W, this electric scooter stands out for its strong power and excellent performance. The dual-motor mode provides you with a superior driving experience, and its unique style and modern design make it a beautiful sight on city streets. Whether it’s your daily commute or urban adventures, the Freego ES11 Pro’s dual 1200W motor mode is ideal for those looking for speed and style.

Powerful Front Fork

The ES11 Pro adopts an extended front fork design, allowing the ES11 Pro to easily adapt to different road conditions, whether it is traversing the busy streets of the city or conquering rugged adventures. This design not only optimizes the suspension system, but also improves the adaptability of the entire vehicle, giving you a smoother and more confident riding experience.

LED Headlights

ES11 Pro is equipped with an excellent and powerful headlight system, providing excellent lighting effects for your night riding. This ultra-bright headlight not only ensures you have clear vision in low-light conditions, but also provides a powerful beam within the illumination range to protect your safe travels.

Powerful Long-Lasting Battery

ES11 Pro is equipped with a 48V 17.5AH battery, which provides strong endurance and riding power. Not only does this high-capacity battery ensure long, reliable rides, you're free to cover more ground and embark on long commutes, making every ride a journey filled with endless possibilities.

11 x 2.5 Inches Fat Tires

The ES11 Pro is equipped with 11x2.5-inch fat tires that combine stability and traction. Whether you're on city streets or exploring different terrains, these high-performance tires ensure a smooth and controlled ride. Enjoy optimal grip, responsiveness and reliability with the ES11 Pro tire design, making every ride a seamless adventure.

Hydraulic Brake

The ES11 Pro takes safety and control to the next level with front and rear hydraulic braking systems. These hydraulic brakes provide precise and responsive stopping power, giving the rider an enhanced sense of confidence and control.