52v 20ah Triangle Lithium Battery

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Triangle battery - a whopping 1,040 watt hours in the 52v 20ah configuration. Want even more?  This battery is also great for other ebike applications up to 1800 watts.  Free shipping to the US.  SPECIAL NOTE - Extra shipping charges may apply to Alaska or Hawaii. International shipping not available.

Connector: XT-90 Antispark connector

Battery adapter required for Rad bikes

SHIPS from California


Nominal Capacity (AH)


Nominal Voltage (V)


Source Resistance (mΩ)


Cell Combination



Cell Type

3.7V 2900mAh Samsung 10A 3-5C

Cell Quantity

98 pcs

Cell Size

Diameter: 18mm, Height: 65mm

Discharge Cutoff Voltage (V)


Charge Cutoff Voltage (V)


Rated Discharge Current (A)


Maximum Continuous Discharge Current (A)


Maximum Instantaneous Discharge Current (A)


Maximum Continuous BMS Limited Current (A)


Maximum Instantaneous BMS Limited Current (A)


Maximum Continuous Charge Current (A)


Charge Mode


Standard Charge Current (A)


Charge Time under Standard Charge Current

12 hours

Fast Charge Current (A)


Charge Time under Fast Charge Current

4 .5hours

Charge Temperature Range


Discharge Temperature Range


Battery Net Weight (include BMS)  (kg)


Battery Gross Weight (include Package) (kg)


Charging Cycles

>700 times

Recommended For Motor

Less than 1800W


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Batteries cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, or internationally.

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  • 5
    Absolutely insane range

    Posted by Sam keeley on Feb 26th 2023

    Mine charges to 58.7 and a 35 mile ride only drops to 51 and that's in the Pennsylvania hills seems cutoff is around 41 I dont like math but the range with the upgrade in mostly 2 setting will erase range anxiety forever .

  • 5
    Love it so much I got a second one

    Posted by Mark on Feb 26th 2023

    Was a great upgrade for my RadRover bike, love it so much I got a second one in parallel in-my bike trunk, now I can travel the 40 miles round-trip to go see my grandson or friends in another town without having the get stranded worries.

  • 5
    This is a great up grade !!

    Posted by Jim MB on Feb 26th 2023

    I must say that I have owned this battery for over a year and I have used it in the Canadian winter!! It has given me the extra confidence to go much further and I am enjoying the extra power that it gives the bike!! I recommend it for your Rad Rover upgrade or a great addition to any bike!!

  • 5
    Impressive range.

    Posted by Robert V on Feb 26th 2023

    Himiway claims up to 45 miles per charge? I get around 22MPC. probably because I always pull a trailer with my dog, total weight 120 lbs. This battery gives us 35MPC... I am delighted with this battery.

  • 5
    awsome battery poor bag

    Posted by rick eversole on Feb 26th 2023

    i have upgraded the controller and motor on my rover 5. both were great. the speed went from 21 mph on stock to 26 on those two upgrades alone. the power was a major increase. I just installed the 52 volt 20amp hr and speed went to 32 mph on pedal assist 5 with hard pedaling. throttle was 29 mph. have not done a range test yet but am sure it will perform well. only thing was the bag that came with it was poor quality. I would highly recommend all the upgrades from bolton e bikes.