Planetary Gears

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Direct replacement planetary gears for 750 watt Bafang motors.


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    Planetary Gears on my Bafang 750w

    Posted by Otto on Feb 26th 2023

    I wish I could find these planetary gears in metal. Or I wish I could buy nylon gears in bulk. I weigh 220. With racks and stuff, I'm always maxed out 275 total and I burned through my first set stock planetary gears on my Bafang 750 I bought at Bolton in 200 miles. I'm going to have to shed 50 myself, get used to traveling light, or get used to replacing nylon planetary gears. Is there a metal option?

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    Airplane grease saves gears

    Posted by Mark on Feb 26th 2023

    Airplane grease saves gears, for the guy saying he burns through his gears I’m also a big heavy guy with a big heavy custom RadRover my advice get airplane grease it’s a red grease pack your gears with a full tube of it, that’s what I’ve done and my gears are still holding up, don’t go lightly on the grease, Pack the whole open area with it.

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    Saved my Runner

    Posted by Gary Edwards on Feb 26th 2023

    I chipped a few teeth on my Runner stock motor, it sounded like it was crushing rocks. I contacted Bolton bikes and found they had these gears for sale. they fit perfectly in my stock motor. Thanks Bolton