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"Bolton" Blowout!  We're clearing out all bikes with the Bolton label to make room for "Area 13" bikes.

Due to high demand of parts globally, we reserve the right to change to similar or better spec'd parts. Any changes will be noted below.


 26" Model is considered a Large (frame size is 19.5')

24"Model is considered a Medium (frame size 17")


24'' Model detailed specifications

26'' Model detailed specifications

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  • 5
    He'll of a BIKE

    Posted by Robert Noah on Feb 25th 2023

    I own two 26" fatties but neither were trail able so when I saw these (BOLTON) 24" trail ready I fell in love and wouldn't you know it Kyle had a giveaway contest! MERRY CHRISTMAS 2 ME! I let me tell ya, this 24" trail fatty is FANtastic! It handles like a dream (a bit stiff as should be) and the 4.0 knonbies make turns flawlessly. Equipped with a 48v 750 (7 speed)power station it's zippes the hills and flys on the open roadways! I can't say enough about this well engineered and equipped BOLTON E-BIKE...just join us and experience the ride yourself! Thanks Kyle and BOLTON E-BIKES for getting me on the TRAILS!

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    Love the Bike

    Posted by Ken Kelly on Feb 25th 2023

    Every thing is great. It arrived with the wheels, seat and handlebars off. I assembled it in about 30 minutes. I have put about 90 miles on it. The brakes need to be adjusted but overall a fast bike. Most of my riding is on the beach sand.

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    Juiced up Rad Rover

    Posted by Steven Oldham on Feb 25th 2023

    Kyle did some work on a Rad Rover, replacing the stock daFang 750 W motor with his version of a 750 W motor along with a 52 volt battery, racks and other options. Bike works spectacularly for my 6' 1' 230 lb body. The bike handles very well and the electric boost performance is far superior to any other of the bikes I tried out, prior to purchasing from Kyle. His followup was great and well received by both my wife, (who also bought a bike from Kyle) and me. I would definitely purchase another product from Kyle, his videos are amazingly beneficial and well worth the time to view if you are in the e-bike market. Thanks Kyle!

  • 5
    Awesome Ebike!

    Posted by Adam Wagner on Feb 25th 2023

    The new 2020 bike is great! Was well packaged for shipping and easy to install front tire, handle bars, seat, and pedals. Bike is very fast and the new color display looks great. Awesome looking bike!

  • 5
    2020 26” Fat Bike

    Posted by Charlie MCGimsey on Feb 25th 2023

    I was going to buy a Rad Rover and do all the upgrades which would’ve cost $900 on top of buying the bike. I talked to Kyle about the new bikes he had coming in and he said he could do an upgrade for the battery and controller. The bike already came with all the other upgrades that I would add to the rover. It ended up in the end being cheaper than if I would’ve bought the rover and did the upgrades. This bike is amazing I am so happy with it. It’s everything I expected and more. Thank you Kyle so much love my bike

  • 4
    the good and bad

    Posted by John Marlin on Feb 25th 2023

    The 4 stars are for the bike-powerful, fun and solid. It handles sand like a champ. The motor engages quickly and quietly. It definitely needs fenders . I rode thru some puddles and took a shower. It also needs a place to attach a water bottle cage. There are no drilled holes at all. As fore me specifically, I wish the handle bars were a tad shorter. The wide stance forces me to bend over more than I'd like. The bike came damaged (pretty badly). There was a hole in the box right where the rear wheel is. The motor wouldn't start, the fork was bent and I don't know if there is internal damage. Kyle has been helpful, but the California fires have stopped the mail in his area, so replacement parts have been very slow to arrive, IF they arrived. I paid to have some issues addresses and I'll deal with other stuff when things are a little more back to normal.

  • 5
    Incredible, nothing but good! Just FUN!

    Posted by Mindy on Feb 25th 2023

    I do lots and lots research before making a substantial purchase... looked at Rad, Biktrix.. Juiced just to name a few. I almost pulled the trigger on the Rad Rover.. seemed like a lot of bike for money. Im very happy I decided to go with the Bolton Ebike. The bike just flat goes! Climbs hills with ease... makes this 64 year old lady feel like a kid again.. I find myself giggling all the way up. The bike is solid.. very well made. The hydraulic brakes .. in my opinion are the way to go... Kyle Chittock has been incredible, he knows his stuff! His customer service is the best! Take a look at his channel on You Tube. If you’re sitting on the fence, watching his videos will help you make an informed decision. You can really learn a lot! Thanks Kyle. I love my bike!!

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    The most fun I've had without taking my clothes off

    Posted by Dave Mayers on Feb 25th 2023

    After a pretty hard time getting my 24" fat bike into Canada I have now had the chance to ride it and get used to the handling etc. This bike is awesome fun. It has all the power you could want and on the trails that I use here in BC it really is ideal. My bike has a suspension seat post and front air forks, coupled with the huge 4" fat tires it sure sticks to the ground like poop to a blanket. I did have to replace the derailleur as it was damaged in transit by the shipping company but apart from that, it performs exactly as expected....... actually if I'm honest, it performs better than expected considering I'm a heavy, short, older type guy. Overall I'm glad I went with this bike as apposed to a 26" standard mountain bike. I've taken several falls trying trails beyond my abilities and the bike is still in one piece so that's encouraging. Finally the team at Bolton really helped when it came to getting the bike to me, which as I said was no easy challenge getting it into Canada. Guess I'm a fat guy with a fat bike addiction now.

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    Wow! This bike has so much power!

    Posted by Lynn on Feb 25th 2023

    Got my Bolton 2020 a few weeks ago and all I have to say is this. Get one. It's got so much power and carries me easily. I didn't expect it to go that fast. It's built well and I'm sure it will last. The fat tires make it nice to ride on trails and pavement without really feeling the bumps. I got the 24'' with the rigid fork and it fits me well at 5'7''. I thought I might want a different seat, but the one that comes with it is very comfortable.