R2 EVO Mesh Intercom™ Cycling Helmet

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The R2 EVO is the next generation of helmet, combining class-leading safety technology with the latest in bike connectivity and rider awareness. Take advantage of Sena’s Mesh Intercom™ for truly hands-free communication on the fly - without any additional bulk or weight. 

The Mesh Intercom™ equipped R2 EVO combines safety and technology into a sleek and aerodynamic package built for road cyclists. Sena’s Mesh Intercom™ allows riders to communicate hands-free with other Mesh users (R1 EVO, M1 EVO) within a half-mile (900 meters). Audio is delivered through integrated speakers located above the rider’s ears, which allows for awareness of surrounding sounds such as traffic, unlike in-ear buds. Bluetooth 4.1 technology allows you to connect to your smartphone, enabling you to make phone calls, listen to your music, hear GPS navigation, and even connect to fitness apps.