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FlatOut™ is a one-time tire additive that prevents flats due to punctures up to 1/2’’ and stops slow leaks around the bead or valve stem or due the natural porosity of the tire. It is made of synthetic TangleTek™ fibers including KEVLAR™ and unique DamRight™ fillers suspended in our special Never-Settle™ base fluid (non-adhesive, non-toxic and freeze-resistant). When a puncture occurs, escaping air forces FlatOut™ into the wound creating an airtight fiber jam. Think beaver dam but with the fibers and fillers forming an amazingly durable plug! And, It’s proven, having been used in Military and industrial applications for decades!


20" Tire = 10 Oz

24" Tire = 12 OZ

26" Tire = 16 OZ


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    It works

    Posted by S. Tackes on Feb 26th 2023

    After watching the reviews and the tests that Kyle ran through in comparing products, I gave FlatOut a try. It is amazing. I have yet to have a flat despite a lot of goatheads and other sharp objects on my rides. This stuff really works. Plus, the company is very responsive. I did not see a recommendation for how much to use on a 5in fat tire bike and they responded right away.

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    This stuff saved me on the ride

    Posted by Veronica on Feb 26th 2023

    I can't believe I ever used slime! This stuff saved me on the trail. I went out early in the am and ended up getting a flat. Once I got it home, I was exhausted. Never again! I got a new tube and followed what Kyle had on the video. Flat Out lets me ride anywhere and I haven't gotten a flat at all.