Juintech M1 hydraulic calipers! Front and Rear

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Brakes now come with the Area 13 Logo. 
These calipers are known to fit the following ebikes:
    • All Sondors bikes with mechanical disc brakes
    • All Rad Ebikes
    • All ebikes available from Area13 (Bolton) Ebikes with mechanical disc brakes
    • Taga 2.0
    • Himiway Bikes
    • KBO Ebikes
    • And many others!  If your bike has standard mechanical disc brakes they will probably fit.
    • Brake Compound: Organic/Resin
    • Cable crimps included
Includes both front and rear brakes. Includes NEW pads!


  • 5

    Posted by Tony Lane on Jul 16th 2024

    In less than 15 minutes I converted my Rad Rover 5 to these hybrid hydraulic calipers. This is my second bike to get this easy, well-worth-it upgrade from Area 13. Especially consider these calipers if you are going to do the controller upgrade, since you’ll appreciate the extra stopping power.

  • 5
    Easy to...

    Posted by Joachim Brown on Jul 4th 2024

    Blown away wish I had replaced breaks sooner! Brakes are quite, super smooth, with increased stopping power!

  • 4

    Posted by todd spayth on May 6th 2024

    These self contained hydraulic calipers are a huge change in stopping power and will be MUCH easier to adjust as pads wear. Directions could be way better. Like an explanation of spacer bars for different size rotors. I used OEM spacer bar it seems to be fine. These went on my Himiway Cruiser.

  • 5
    Wow these are amazing!

    Posted by James O'Rourke on May 5th 2024

    It took me about 30 minutes to upgrade to these brakes. I did have a little trouble getting the first one I did to get the cable through the port and crimp end. I recommend as I did on the second brake a very sharp wire cutter that cuts instead of flattens the cable. The flattened was very difficult to get in the device. I tried these out before we got bad weather and they work so much better than the factory brakes that I would recommend these brakes for your bike! I have a Pedego Element v2 bike.

  • 5
    Great e-bike upgrade!

    Posted by Glen Maxson on May 4th 2024

    The Juintech M1 hydraulic calipers were easy to install and are a big improvement over the original mechanical calipers provided with my Himiway Cruiser e-bike. I especially like that these calipers use the existing brake levers and cables! Plus they're just a really well designed product.

  • 5
    Brake upgrade on Radexpand...

    Posted by james cosby on Apr 18th 2024

    Bought the M1 brakes for my Radexpand 5. Highly recommend! Area 13 also has an install video. Easy to install and didnt have to jack with routing cables

  • 5

    Posted by Ward Sharrer on Mar 23rd 2024

    Thank You

  • 5

    Posted by Jeff McIntyre on Mar 11th 2024

    Love these. The tutorial on the Area 14 site made them a snap to install. They work great!

  • 5
    Great edition, and easy to...

    Posted by Jon D on Dec 1st 2023

    These hydraulic calipers are a great upgrade over the stock calipers. The breaking feels good and solid with much more stopping power than stock highly recommend this for anybody who has mechanical calipers.