Warthog MD1000 - Belt Drive w/Rohloff Hub

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The MD1000 now comes standard with the amazing 14 speed Rohloff hub.  More reliability with an amazingly wide gear range!

Please note that new MD1000 bikes will be using the CANBUS version of the Bafang motor, locking them to 28MPH as a Class 3 Ebike.

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    Promises made promises kept

    Posted by William McKee on Feb 25th 2023

    I watched the videos but with the company decided on warthog. It was back ordered and as the days got closer I became anxious about the delivery time frame. Jessica responded to my emails to keep me up-to-date. The bike came with some small damage to the packing material with only a small cosmetic scratch. The video to put the bike together was essential as it could be paused and replayed. I have ridden the bike and will have a bike shop make sure the front wheel is seated properly. Lots of power and will only get past 3 when I have a major climb. Looking forward to great scenic rides. Thank you Bolton.

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    Grunts for days!

    Posted by Michael B on Feb 25th 2023

    Ordered this in April of 2020 and arrived in Mid December 2020. Unboxing went ok and that's when you learn how heavy this thing is. It's a beast, weight wise. I would have given this bike 5 stars but there were some assembly issues. Specifically the front axel was over tightened and my son had a very hard time getting it off to attach the front wheel. Bolton Bikes was pretty responsive to my endless questions, that's a good sign and high praise for putting up with me. I'm 6' 235 lbs and my previous experience with ebikes is that the frame has been too small and the power (500w) lack luster. This bike is a bike that finally fits! After I adjusted everything and charged it, I took a few mile ride just tooling around. I was amazed at the power this thing makes, even with the lowest peddle assist setting. So far very happy with this bike and how comfortable it is to ride. It's like riding a tank version of a bike, so I guess Warthog is appropriate.

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    Belt Drive, mid drive 1000 fat tire ebike

    Posted by John M Carver on Feb 25th 2023

    I own six different ebikes three of them all have the same 1000 watt mid drive motor and other than the others being chain drive and 9 speed models, they all preform about the same. I have just received my belt drive wart hog from Bolton ebikes. It took six months to arrive to me due to the Covid-19 issues in China where this bike is made. After receiving the bike, I put it together to find out that the owner's manual is lacking and does not advise how to go into the display to change from KPH to MPH and being able to reset the trip meter after each ride. Due to the long wait, Bolton ebikes threw in a rear rack, fenders, and some tools which were appreciated. This Bikonit MD1000, it’s a 1000w ultra mid drive with an IGH and belt drive. It appears well built and my bike came with no damage. The 2 amp charger came with a 120 volt plug but was set up for 220 volts but that was an easy fix as there is a switch on the charger that anyone can move with a flat head screw driver to slide it into the 120 volt setting so the charger will work. I do not hold Bolton Ebikes any bad will for the delay from the manufacture in China of this new bike but I would appreciate it if they gave each new owner a better manual detailing how to make setting changes and what size metric bolts fit into their front bracket that appears to be made to attach accessories to.

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    Patience yields reward

    Posted by Gil Barreto on Feb 25th 2023

    I came across Bolton Ebiike's website and after seeing several videos and listening to Kyle, it was apparent to me that he was honest, knowledgeable, and cared about his customers. I decided to order the Warthog. When I received the bicycle, it was packaged very well. The exterior of the box had NO damage and the bicycle was perfect. I was plesentlly surprised to see Kyle's message to me and that he place a Bolton tool set in the box. The bicycle was easy to put together and very impressive to look at. I am looking forward to spend many hours on my new bicycle. Thank you Bolton for putting out a great product and having a wonderful customer Service.