Sram Level T brakes

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Sram Level T Brakes make an excellent upgrade for Area 13 models, Sondors, many radpower bikes, Juiced and other electric bikes.  Bring your bike up to the next level!  (pun intended)

  • Rear: DB LVIT SJ GLB R/R 40P
  • 63" Hose length
  • Front: DB LVIT GLB L/F 40P
  • 35" Hose length
  • Pads:  Organic with steel backing
  • 2 Piston Calipers

By default, these brakes do NOT come with brakes switches.  If you want to keep your brake cutoff function, please purchase the brake switches (sold separately).  Note that these brake switches are custom made and only available at Area 13.  They cannot be purchased elsewhere.