Bafang 750 Watt FreeWheel Removal Tool -NEW Version!

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Brand New Version as of September 2023!

The steel has been upgraded to 51crV4 with a black zinc plating.  This means the tool is stronger and more resistant to corrosion.

We still recommend using a penetrating lubricant prior to removing freewheels as many have been seized on after years of use.

Having trouble removing a pesky freewheel on a Bafang 750 watt motor?  Due to the large motor plug, standard tools just don't work!  We've taken on the challenge and decided to make our own.

UPDATE:  To keep up with demand and maintain quality we have moved production of these tools to a specialized supplier overseas.

Works on both Shimano and DNP FreeWheels.

Flats are designed for a 23mm wrench.

Do you have an Ebike Business or bike service?  Contact us for wholesale pricing on bulk purchases.

Why we developed this tool and how it works:


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    Posted by Ermessent Fabien on Apr 15th 2024

    Hi, my Order it wasn’t delivered. Mr ermessent

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    freewheel removal...

    Posted by Dave Matchett on Apr 10th 2024

    i used it once. the wrench end went egg shaped an it became very difficult to extract the motor plug through the tool.

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    New freewheel removal tool.

    Posted by Douglas Keesee on Apr 10th 2024

    This tool did manage to fit over the motor electrical connector it however was not able fit over wheel nut. I might add that this is the smaller of the two nutd.

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    Posted by Chris Muntz on Apr 10th 2024


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    Free wheel...

    Posted by Albert Gillispie on Apr 9th 2024

    The tomb was about .003 inch too small. That prevented the hub motor nut from sliding through it. I filed a little material from each corner of the hex nut, and the tool worked like a charm

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    Posted by Nicholas Zigich on Apr 8th 2024

    Tool got over cord, but it doesn't fit over axle nut on the bike.

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    A MUST...

    Posted by Scott Davis-King on Apr 7th 2024

    If you maintain bikes in your living room, garage, professionally or under a shady tree, then you know the importance of the right tool. The freewheel removal tool, for e-bikes that the hall/power cord that comes out of the axle, and on the drive side… This is the tool! As a e-bike shop manager, and having watched mechanics destroy hubs while trying to replace a freewheel. Now, it’s on and off. So pleased that someone took the time to make this tool. Excellent quality! Must have!

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    New freewheel...

    Posted by ronald ogawa on Mar 4th 2024

    I own a Rad Runner Plus and it kept dropping the chain and when I took the rear wheel off I found some cloth stuck between the gears on the freewheel and the side where the chain fell off, the smallest gear looked worn so I purchased the tool to remove the freewheel and a new freewheel and borrowed a large adjustable wrench and installed it and it stopped dropping the chain and I had to adjust the tension of the cable so I could shift to all gears.....thanks for the tool

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    Worked great.

    Posted by Brian Schoonhoven on Feb 28th 2024

    It took two people, with a cheater bar. Tool was plenty strong. I did have to file my axle nut down a tiny bit to get it thru the tool.