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750 Watt, 175mm Dropout OEM Hub Motor Core.   Upgrade your motor without swapping the wheel!

A tamperproof T20 torx bit is required to remove motor from casing.

750 watt motors USE A LARGER MOTOR PLUG!  Larger controller with the appropriate plug required.

  • Not recommended prior to installing The Upgrade Kit as some functions may not work properly.
  • Threaded for single or multi-speed freewheel.
  • Also plug and play for the Rover bikes with upgraded controller
  • This motor does NOT fit The Runner (single speed) bikes.

The 750 Watt OEM Fat Bike Hub Motor Core fits the following bike models:

Rad Bikes

Mini (all models)

Rover (all models)

Runner + (we have not tested it, but due to customer provided information it should fit. May require motor to be laced into wheel due to the motor cable coming out the opposite end)

The motor will NOT fit the following models:

Runner 1 (single speed version)

Wagon (direct drive model)






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    Posted by robert on Feb 25th 2023

    zoom....zoom.....2 the

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    Some Considerations

    Posted by Doug on Feb 25th 2023

    I recommend this motor and give it 5 stars. If you are thinking about getting this motor for your Rover then here are a couple of considerations. 1st, if you are still running the stock freewheel on your Rover I recommend not trying to reuse it at this time. However, in order to gain access to the six fasteners being obstructed by the 1st gear (Granny Gear) of the freewheel, you will need to disassemble the freewheel instead of trying to unscrew the entire assembly from the housing. Save that as a separate project and you will save yourself a lot of grief. Once you have the new motor dropped into the old housing with the new flange from the new housing that is threaded to accept a freewheel/ cassette, lubricate/ grease these threads and screw on the new freewheel you have chosen tightening by hand only. I was unable to get the stock freewheel removed and broke 2 of Rad's custom tools trying. I ended up cutting (Dremel) and prying (large flathead screwdriver) until I got past the ball bearings and what remained was able to provide resistance in the CCW direction. Then an 18-inch pipe wrench allowed me to finally unscrew what was left. 2nd, don't try to use the stock controller and this upgraded motor unless you plan on using throttle only. I tried while I was waiting for the taillight controller upgrade to become available. I ended up buying the original version as I was tired of waiting. With this new motor, I had change P2 to 6 to get rid of some speedometer issues.

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    Big Three

    Posted by Mike DeNeve on Feb 25th 2023

    Finally got around to installing the motor to complete the “big three” (Controller, Display, and Bafang motor. I have the 2019 Rad Rover. WOW this is the bomb. As previously stated not much more top speed, but I’m still using the stock battery, however big difference on torque, going up hills, and acceleration. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and plan on buying the freewheel cassette sprocket thingy (not included with the motor) If your dead set on repurposing the old one, you’ll need a special removal tool that in itself has to be modified. It’s a huge PIA. I also had to mess with the P settings to get the speedometer correct, I think I settled with #7, but can’t remember the P setting from this writing. The only negative (and it’s very minor) is the throttle transition. When I apply throttle it really bites hard and fast. I’d like to see a smoother transition from a dead start. I use throttle when I’m at a complete stop and crossing busy streets.

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    Awesome motor. Just one thing...

    Posted by Gary on Feb 25th 2023

    Like others, I upgraded the controller first and motor after. I am amazed at the difference. My RadRover now performs better than I could have ever thought. Takes off from a stop quickly and pulls hard all the way to top speed. Even the steepest hills are no challenge for it. I've had my rover for 6 months with over 700 miles, and it feels like a brand new bike. I'm dropping it one star only for the installation experience. For me, this was *not* a simple matter of pulling the new motor out of its case and dropping it into the existing wheel. For one, the freewheel on the existing motor was impossible to remove. They must torque that thing down at the factory. I went through two freewheel removal tools (I also had to grind out the tools to fit over the electrical wire) before giving up and finally just ordering a new 7-speed freewheel (EPOCH 11-34T - you can find them on Amazon for like $30.00) and easily installing it on the new motor. I highly recommend this motor. Giant upgrade and I'm sure it'll handle the increased power from the upgraded controller way better than stock. But order a new freewheel at the same time. Don't bother trying to re-use the stock one.

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    Motor works great now

    Posted by Jason on Feb 25th 2023

    Initially the motor wasn’t working. I took it apart and re-installed and now it works great! I gave one star before as it wasn’t working but it must have been a “user error”. Thanks. J

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    Nice upgrade to the RadRover5 2020

    Posted by Bung on Feb 25th 2023

    I have a RadRover5 2020. I upgraded the contoller/display first then the motor. This motor replaced the stock Bafang that Rad uses. They are not equal. Although both rated at 750w it's argued that Rad uses a customized version that's cheaper in design and cost. I live in a hilly area so power and torque is important. This motor has more torque than the stock Rad motor. It's a little tricky to install. You need a T20 Torx bit that's the security version. It's easiest to purchase both the motor and freewheel cog. The freewheel is shipped installed on the motor.

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    Customer Service ★★★★★★

    Posted by Tim Rudd on Feb 25th 2023

    I just received the true 750w motor, and I'm sure it will meet or exceed my expectations. Any problem with it will be on me or Bafang, as Bolton is not installing it and did not make the motor. My total of 4 order history has been flawless. The plethora of information on all things ebikes Kyle gives us all is awesome. So this is more of a Bolton Ebikes review and a thank you!

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    Excellent upgrade

    Posted by Gary on Feb 25th 2023

    Hi , Bolton team this is a great upgrade have not been disappointed, 1800 kms and 4 months of riding going great .Thanks Kyle and the team excellent job !!!

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    Does not fit RadExpand 5

    Posted by Brandon on Feb 25th 2023

    This site was great, I ordered and got it quickly. Just be warned that this part DOES NOT fit the new Rad Expand 5. They swapped the cord for the rad expand 5 and it now comes out of the same side as the freewheel and the motor now spins the opposite direction.