750 Watt Fat Bike Hub Motor Core 175mm OEM

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Please watch the below video to see how we got our 750w motor to be smaller and lighter! 





750 Watt, 175mm Dropout OEM Hub Motor Core.   Upgrade your motor without swapping the wheel!

A tamperproof T20 torx bit is required to remove motor from casing.

Core motor does not come with planetary gears.

If you want to reuse your existing freewheel, you may also need our freewheel removal tool.

750 watt motors USE A LARGER MOTOR PLUG!  Larger controller with the appropriate plug required.

  • Not recommended prior to installing The Upgrade Kit as some functions may not work properly.
  • Threaded for single or multi-speed freewheel.
  • Also plug and play for the Rover bikes with upgraded controller
  • This motor does NOT fit The Runner (single speed) bikes.

The 750 Watt OEM Fat Bike Hub Motor Core fits the following bike models:

Rad Bikes

Mini (all models)

Rover (all models) EXCEPT ROVER 6+

Runner + Depends on which motor is installed by Radpower. If your motor cable exits on the left side of the bike it will not be compatable.

The motor will NOT fit the following models:

Runner 1 (single speed version)

Wagon (direct drive model)



ROVER 6+/ as well as any newer rad power bikes with semi-intergraded batteries





  • 5

    Posted by John Altizer on Apr 18th 2024

    Have not put motor in because you guys are out of plantry gears

  • 5
    Quiet operation, plug n’ play and fits into Rover...

    Posted by Ben Wong on Jan 17th 2024

    It’s a great alternative to a complete motor. Included: 750w motor core Cover plate Magnetic guide Axle bolts It doesn’t have the tri-gears (nylon) and it’s sold separately

  • 5

    Posted by Ryan Valley on Dec 15th 2023

    I've returned the motor as I found that the problem was my planetary gears were worn out. I bought new gears from you and am waiting for my refund for the motor.

  • 5
    Area 13 is the best! Motor works...

    Posted by Trevor Miller on Nov 13th 2023

    Area 13 is the best! Motor works great

  • 5
    A nice kick in the pants!

    Posted by Gary Nebeker on Nov 3rd 2023

    I have a RR5 since 2019. In early 2020 I installed the 35amp controller and display upgrade. It made a big difference. Last week I finally installed the 750 watt motor to complete the transition. I now have about 100 miles on it and it is a yet again a significant power and torque increase. I have to fiddle withe the display settings a bit still to get them dialed in. I'm loving the new life it is providing my ride! Install was simple and took about 20 min. Should have done this years ago.

  • 5
    Bolton upgrade motor and...

    Posted by Bill Rafferty on Oct 30th 2023

    Great power increase, and torque. Went from 25 MPH with a Rad Rover 5 to 30 MPH. Just need 52 Volt battery now to extend range. It does reduce your range. Great upgrade. Not a problem with a lil ability to do yourself Definitely recommend

  • 5
    Great Upgrade from Stock...

    Posted by Joseph Pham on Oct 11th 2023

    I am still experimenting with the settings but this motor makes a big difference on my Radwagon 4. Definitely a must have upgrade.

  • 3
    Shipped quick from seller and packaged well. The...

    Posted by Steve Mardell on Sep 29th 2023

    Shipped quick from seller and packaged well. The motor itself typical china made. Motor windings are better than bfang but still not that great. No fault of the seller.

  • 5
    true 750watt bafang...

    Posted by craig garwick on Sep 23rd 2023

    Added motor to a rad rover 5. Had already installed the bolton upgrade which gave me 25mph and tons of torque. The new motor added some more torque and put me up to 31mph.