City and Wagon 26" 1500 Watt motor kit

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1500 watt motor kit for The Wagon and City!  (NOTE - WILL NOT WORK ON WAGON 4 or RADCITY 5)

Want more speed?  More torque?  Plug and play for many Wagon and City models with direct drive motors.   Includes a new 35A sinewave Motor controller, color display, and new rear wheel assembly.

We have dyno tested this motor kit on the radcity to see what the actual performance increase is over the stock bike:

Stock torque:  23Nm.

Motor Kit: 46Nm.  That's right, double the hill climbing power!


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    Great power, sadly missing...

    Posted by Frederick Grannan on Jan 10th 2024

    Easy install, great power upgrade to my Radwagon3. Sadly lost full throttle under all modes, throttle based on pas setting so greatly changes how I ride the bike. Lost active break light and flash function too which is a bummer. Wish it would show wattage under power. The meter for it is there on the screen but it doesn't show anything. Overall at about 50miles on it now, I've think I have the power levels dialed in so I am not taking a hit to overall battery range unless I stay in the higher power levels. Just wish I could add a little power to a lower pas setting as needed on a hill with the throttle instead of jumping up a whole power setting and eating battery. Overall happy in general, just wish it had the other controller that I think had all those functions in the full kit instead of this one that doesn't.

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    Failure to work with my...

    Posted by Aaron Steele on Aug 23rd 2023

    The wheel axle is too wide. The display doesn't work to change wheel size

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    Posted by Naim Kovaci on Aug 22nd 2023

    Sturdy(heavy) luv the colors and even got tires tubes and a brake rotor, All free!….didn’t expect that. Wish I had hardware for controller…(screws, zip ties)….and extra spokes for wheel since they do pop or at least have on deck so I can order. Thank u for quick delivery!

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    Posted by Rebecca McWilliam on Aug 8th 2023

    The hills that I used to only be able to get up with my rad city at 10km/h with intense pedaling at my lowest gear (with 2 small kids on the back) I can now blast up at 25km/hr without needing to lower my gear

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    Excellent but....

    Posted by Richard Yalland on Jun 21st 2023

    So I( have installed this kit on my RadCity4 and so far it seems to be an excellent upgrade. I'm still waiting to hear from Area13 as to the preferred settings for the controller which seems to have a large number of available fact so large, and badly explained in the pamphlet that arrives with the controller, that it would be of great assistance if the experts that Area13 undoubtedly are, included their recommended settings.

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    upgrade for 2019 city

    Posted by Ivan on Jun 6th 2023

    After 1000miles I upgraded my controller from Bolton. That was a good decision! 800 miles after that I burned out my stock motor pushing too hard. Got another stock motor to remind self that I should be more careful. Well my 600foot climb in less than 1/2 mile burned out my second stock motor. I decided to get serious and upgrade to this kit. The wait was long!! But worth it, I can now climb that hill and have headroom! My settings after a little tweaking: p1: 46, p2:0, p3:0, p4:0,P5:12,C1:4,C2:0,C3:1,C4:0,C5:01,C6:3,C7:0,C8:0,C9:0,C10:N,C11:0,C12:4,C13:0,C14:2,L1:0,L2:0,L3:1,L4:5

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    Great upgrade

    Posted by Baxter Humby on Feb 26th 2023

    Would have given 5 stars but it was hard to program all the setting to make it work properly. It would be great if they had set up info for different bikes. I have a Radwagon and had to go through many setting to get it right. Now that I have it programmed right, it is awesome!!!!

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    Best motor kit

    Posted by irineo teofilo on Feb 26th 2023

    This is the best motor kit ever for upgrading my radcity ebike is really fast now better than any ebike I ever have and bolton ebike have the best customer service thank you so much I recommend it to everyone who need a new ebike experience

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    Great Upgrade

    Posted by Greg Collins on Feb 26th 2023

    Recieved my upgrade kit yesterday. Install took a couple hours, and was very straight forward for me, but I am an aircraft mechanic, so I have some advantage. The results are excellent. The bike rides along at 30 moh with my 220lbs on it. Very good acceleration. I would definetly do it again.